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The Blu Skies

Doors open 6pm, show starts 7pm

$5 cover

The Blu Skies are a five piece St. Louis area group that concentrate on original material that is both creative and refreshing while remaining accessible and emotionally genuine.
Although the band stays sparse on commonplace and catchy hooks there is something familiar in every ride. Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, keys, and bass paint a sweet, yet sometimes edgy backdrop to heart-felt, open lyrics. This is layered with unique harmonies and a very tight and refreshing rhythm section. If you want a taste of original writing and arranging coupled with excellent musicianship The Blu Skies are it!
In the short time Blu Skies have been together they have played over a dozen different venues in the St. Louis area and are adding more constantly. Most recently they played Mississippi Earthtones festival on a bill featuring the well known area band Jake's Leg. Look to find these up-and-comers in a venue near you. You won't want to miss out. Blu Skies hope to release their first disc by spring of 2013.

*Tickets available in the cafe as of Feb 1st, over the phone, or at the door.  $2/ticket processing fee for purchases with debit/credit

Click button below to purchase tickets online!

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