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Caleb Hicks

Book Signing

​​Friday May 17th, 2013  6-7pm

Caleb Hicks was born February 7 th , 1987 into a loving family. He was raised in the Alton area his entire life. Since grade school, he always had a great passion for writing. Whether it was in the form of journaling or creating short stories, one could often find him with pen and paper in hand. When he wasn’t busy making stories of his own, he usually had his nose in a book. As a child he enjoyed stories of suspense, horror and traditional fantasy. Through the years, his manuscripts evolved from short stories written on construction paper and crayon to a full-length fantasy epic.


He graduated with honors from Westminster Christian Academy—River Bend in 2005. After high school, he studied music and ministry at Masters Commission USA under the direction of Pastor Lloyd Ziegler. After completing the two-year program offered there, he moved back home where he attended Lewis and Clark Community College and began work on his first novel. After finishing it, he submitted his manuscript to Tate Publishing who agreed to publish it. Tales of Espiria: Conspiracy will be available for purchase on July 2 nd , 2013. Caleb is currently writing the second installment to the series, Tales of Espiria: Crusade.



The sky was alive with a sunset that no artist could capture with a canvas. The first sun, Fiero was setting in the western horizon, while the sky was colorfully ignited with every hue from the brightest yellow and most passionate red, to the deepest purple. It was a magnificent sight.'


Too bad we're going east, Leonardo thought bitterly.

'Meanwhile, on the eastern edge of the kingdom of Azur'nth, there was an enormous forest... While this forest was beautiful, it was also forbidden to outsiders... But there lived in the forest one elf who yearned for more. He was young, curious, and had a deep thirst for knowledge and truth...he had spent his entire life exploring the forest. He was familiar with every tree and creature...his curiosity had led him to the world outside of the forest: the world of men.'

In the debut novel of the Tales of Espiria series, Conspiracy, political unrest between Church and Crown in the kingdom of Azur'nth comes to a peak when a journal written by one within the Church finds its way into the hands into the Ambassador of Foreign Affairs, Farrina Snowchild. The journal contains incriminating evidence against the Church concerning their crusade against the Ysaht nation to the south. Tailed by a mysterious and powerful assassin, Farrina sets out on a campaign for the truth and finds herself on a race to save a nation of people from extinction.

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